Best Software for Time Management

Take control of your time and increase your productivity with our best time management software.With our Weekly Timesheet Tracking your will be able to improve your workflow and boost your productivity. Whether you’re team member or a project manager, our best time management tool can help you manage your time like a pro.

Best Software For Time Management
Time Tracker

Weekly timesheet

With our timesheets , you can easily register time weekly and view the team both daily and weekly total worked hours along with the time spent over projects both billable and non-billable time.

Team attendance

Log attendance easier

With EasyKlikk Timesheet, your employees can easily log attendance, vacation, and leaves of absence.

Best Software For Time Management
Timesheet auto-reminder

Auto-Detect unsubmitted hours

Did the team forget to submit their weekly timesheet? Don’t worry, Easyklikk detect weekly unsubmitted or missing hours and an auto-reminder will be sent so that team members are able to submit their timesheets for the weekly administrator approval.

Smart approval

Timesheet Approval

Easy way to submit a timesheet for administrator approval, you can see the status of the timesheet in real-time, pending, approved, or rejected. Users can see the rejection reason to be able to change and resubmit.

Timeseet insights

Analytics & reports

Get real-time insights into projects, teams, tasks, and other metrics that tie into time tracking. Export and download detailed reports.

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