Streamlined Comprehensive Project Management Solution

Agile Flexibility

Efficient Project Management, Timely Delivery

Streamlined project management for timely delivery. We prioritize efficiency and quality from planning to execution and follow-up.

Visual project planning

Our Kanban system helps optimize project efficiency by visualizing tasks, promoting collaboration, and reducing lead times.

Effective time management

Simplify your workday with Easyklikk task time tracker. Streamline your tasks, improve productivity, and never miss a deadline again!

Best Time Tracker Tool

Everything you need in one place

Project Management

Deliver your project on time while meeting the said timelines.Follow up on your project from start to end with full control.


Working hours registered by an employee, along with the time spent over each project both billable and non-billable time.

Meeting Scheduler

Spend your quality and significant time on things that matter the most, and let us take care of your meetings and events scheduling.


Your invoicing and accounting will be simplified and easy to use. It will simplify invoicing and make you able to turn time into revenue .


Easily add team trips using our integrated map API service which automatically calculates the total distance and expenses over each trip.


Track your team's time and expenses more effectively. Keep consistent track and record activity of team times and expenses over the project.

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